TYPO3: Install bnbBackup

Installing this backup extension is quite simple: In the backend go to the Extension Manager (menu bar on the left, under ADMIN TOOLS), click on Import Extensions tab and click on the green arrow (Retrieve/Update Repository) in case you have not done this recently. Type bnb in the search field and bnbBackup will appear. Continue reading

Typo3 Install with Downloaded Version (More Up-to-Date)

Well, what to say, the installed version of Typo3 is too old for the extension I wanted to test … So I uninstalled it (apt-get remove typo3). Then I thought I call apt-get autoremove to also remove typo3 database and so on, however this is not recommended, because afterwards if I try to browse an index.php file (for example) it is downloaded instead of displayed as webpage. So there were a few necessary packages removed. After I reinstalled the typo3 package I removed only the typo3 related packages. You can find them by typing apt-cache search typo3. You should see a list like
typo3-dummy - web content management system
typo3-database - TYPO3 - The enterprise level open source WebCMS (Database)
typo3-src-4.3 - TYPO3 - The enterprise level open source WebCMS (Core)
typo3 - The enterprise level open source WebCMS (Meta)

Now you can remove these packages with apt-get remove typo3-dummy typo3-database typo3-src-4.3 typo3. Now you are ready to install the newer version.

I downloaded a newer Typo3 package to the server (e.g. wget Continue reading

Fresh Typo3 Install – No BE Login

I happily tried to log in to the backend (standard data are admin and password) of the new Typo 3 install and was told that I can not login: Your login attempt did not succeed and so on. I searched and read and searched and read (access rights, php sessions, there were a lot of theories out there). However the simple solution, which I tried far too late, is to create a new admin user by going to [your_site]/install/ and under Database Analyzer go down to Create Admin User. Afterwards I could easily login 😀

Thanks to http://wiki.typo3.org/FAQ/Reset_admin_password

(I just write this to prevent me from doing it again next time …)

Typo3 Install Tutorial

Let’s try this (german) tutorial for a nice Typo3 installation: http://www.tim-bormann.de/anleitung-installation-typo3-debian-etch (should also work for squeeze 😉 )


That didn’t work out, some kinda error :-(. So I installed the mysql stuff by typing
apt-get install mysql-common mysql-server mysql-server-5.0
as root. Furthermore just install Typo3 (4.3.9) by typing apt-get install typo3 and restart the web server (/etc/init.d/apache2 reload) and you will see something like this
TYPO3 works

at http://yourserver.domain/cms. This means Typo3 is running 🙂

Thanks to http://www.camlann.de/typo3_ecke/typo3_installation_auf_debian_6_squeeze_ubuntu/!