Installing Inkscape on OS X 10.8.4 using Homebrew

I really need a nice vector graphics program on my mac. As “free” option I like to choose Inkscape. On my previous machine I installed it as binary (from the inkscape webpage I guess). Now I would like to install it using Homebrew (“the missing package manager for OS X”). Assuming you have homebrew installed (installation requirements here), you also need XQuartz installed, an X Window system for OS X.

The next step is to tell the package manager to install Inkscape: brew install inkscape

According to the brew info command homebrew took 42 MB diskspace before the inkscape install and now 716 MB, so there were quite a few libraries required 😉

Additionally also a restart of the machine is required, otherwise inkscape will tell you:
$ inkscape
Nothing to do!

and if you try with -g option it says:
$ inkscape -g
(inkscape:96435): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

So after the restart everything works fine, also the copy and past thingy I experienced on the older machine 😉


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