TYPO3: Install bnbBackup

Installing this backup extension is quite simple: In the backend go to the Extension Manager (menu bar on the left, under ADMIN TOOLS), click on Import Extensions tab and click on the green arrow (Retrieve/Update Repository) in case you have not done this recently. Type bnb in the search field and bnbBackup will appear. Click on the orange arrow (Import extensions) on the left of the line containing bnbBackup. Close the window saying you imported it. Now click on the plus on the left of the line containing bnbBackup (Install extensions), close the appearing window and the extension should be installed.

In the menu bar on the left, in the section labelled USER TOOLS, you should find an entry called bnb Backup. Clicking on it gives probably: Please include the static template of this extension and set "BackupDirectory". If so go to Templates in the left menu bar (section WEB). Select a page in the page tree. [In case you have a fresh and empty installation I guess you have to create a new page: click on Page in the menu bar, then on the green plus in the second column (Create new pages) and drop an icon (e.g. Standard) on the root level thingy (New Typo3 site) below.] In the right part of the page select Info/Modify and click on Edit the whole template record. Now click on the Includes tab. From the available items select bnb Backup (...) and save the document by clicking on the floppy disk in the upper part of the screen.

Now click on bnb Backup in the menu bar on the left and bob Backup should work 😉

See also: http://typo3.org/extension-manuals/bnbbackupext/1.1.1/view/


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